Is the new LEGO Icons branding the very best move?

The rebranding of The LEGO Creator Specialist line tends to make feeling, but could confirm a problem in the several years forward.

For several several years, LEGO Creator Professional has been utilised as the branding for far more pricey and advanced LEGO sets. New releases in the Modular Building and Wintertime Village lines have been bought underneath this label, as have rigid show parts like 10214 Tower Bridge. On the other hand, modern releases have deserted the Creator Skilled label in favour of the LEGO Group’s subtle black packaging in its place.

Now that is about to improve. The Icons branding will be utilised on all 18+ sets that never drop beneath an present theme, like Technic or Architecture. This should really provide some unity to a theme which is normally been a bit scattershot, and assist out the toy’s rising adult viewers.

Indeed, as our guidebook to LEGO Creator Specialist makes clear, the phrase has normally been a rather broad 1 – united by technological complexity alternatively than any specific subject matter issue. Earlier LEGO releases (like kinds retroactively dubbed Creator Specialist) touched upon almost everything from aircraft to giant, brick-constructed sculptures and loads of other strategies.

Looking at the present-day crop of sets under the Creator Qualified banner on, the Icons branding does make feeling. It at this time involves a mix of popular vehicles and structures (like 10276 Colosseum) and first LEGO creations that have come to be icons in their personal right (like 10255 Assembly Square). It also consists of sets that are formidable, if not automatically legendary (like 10290 Pickup Truck).

Sets like that a person fortify a unique concept: this branding generates a quite high bar for The LEGO Group to clear heading ahead. The Icons branding suggests a certain stage of prestige in the LEGO sets it’s applied to, either in terms of brand recognition or bodily complexity.

If these LEGO Icons sets do not obvious that hurdle, it’s going to make the Icons branding come to feel a little bit hollow and pointless. In particular as sets like 10309 Succulents may perhaps problem the ‘Icons’ label somewhat.

Considering that LEGO sets are often raising in ambition (and rate) that appears like an unlikely prospect total. But the pressure is on for The LEGO Team to stay up to the substantial regular they’ve established for them selves – each now and for the foreseeable future.

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